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Dánjal on Tour

For the band Dánjal, Dánjal á Neystabø has gathered his talented musicians from the distant corners of the North: Denmark, Sweden, Finland and The Faroe Islands. These different backgrounds blend beautifully into the diverse compositions.


Spring 2013Dánjal on Tour 2012

02.02.    Augsburg - Brechtfestival

24.04.    Berlin - tba
25.04.    Bremerhaven – Pferdestall
29.04.    Kronach – Struwwelpeter

available: 23.04. - 05.05.2012

Autumn 2013

03.10.    Wien (A) - Sargfabrik
05.10.    Kitzingen – Alte Synagoge
06.10.    Nüziders (A) - tba
09.10.    Kassel - Theaterstübchen

available: 02. - 13.10.2013




Dánjal in concertHis compositions are as wild and melodic as the landscape of the Faroe Islands where Dánjal á Neystabø grew up. Just like the islands’ weather, his music can change from the mood of a brewing storm to a quiet whisper in a matter of seconds. But it is not just the bird-populated cliffs of his homeland that have had a great influence on the young artist; musically, he sails over the seven seas and collects sounds from all kinds of different cultures that he intelligently and sensitively integrates into his stirring sound collages.

His debut album, The Palace, is a mixture of North Atlantic melancholy, Balkan rhythms, Russian rock and American jazz and thus bears witness to his musical journey that started when he was a child.

Dánjal á Neystabø is a full-blooded artist: musician, song writer, actor, author of children’s books, storyteller and entertainer. It is not without reason that the press compare him to Tom Waits and Charlie Chaplin. Ultimately his music is a lively mixture of folk, cabaret, blues, tango, absorbs East European influences and stumbles from a breezy Balkan beat to slow blues.

His live performances with his bizarre band of classical and avant-garde musicians and his earthy musical mixture of Balkan beat, blues and pure life rouse the audience’s spirits and promise an unforgettable listening experience.





Our Song

Our Song

The big wheel keeper

The big wheel keeper