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Salsafuerte is all about a thrilling listening experience full of energy. Jazz improvisations are mixed with stirring Latin music to create high-energy music that gets to your soul and to your legs. In the melting pot of New York, Afro-Cuban rhythms blend with jazz to create a unique style of music characterised by pulsating mambos and groovy sounds. Joint jam sessions in New York’s Latin club Nuyorican gave rise to the idea for this group project. The musicians in the group are internationally acclaimed artists who live in Europe and the United States.

SalsafuerteOctober 2004 saw the birth of Salsafuerte’s first album, No Limits (PM50422); to a large extent it consists of pieces by the members of the group as well as exclusive compositions by the legendary Oscar Hernandez (Latin Grammy winner 2005), who also plays and composes for greats such as Santana and Tito Puente.

Their second CD, Fantasia, was released on the Peregrina label in September 2007. Again, the CD provides the unique sound of Salsafuerte with pieces by Oscar Hernandez and the group members. In the liner notes, Hernandez writes: “This recording is outstanding because of the excellent musical performance which is obvious on the entire album. ... The harmony between the musicians as a group as well as their individuality as soloists are key elements in making this listening experience so convincing. Listening to music by Salsafuerte really is a worthwhile experience. ... In this day and age, in which we hear so much from the Latin-jazz genre, this CD stands out thanks to its fresh sound. This recording shows the influence of the rich tradition that Afro-Cuban jazz and salsa have had worldwide.  With Rya Grijt, from Curacao, Salsafuerte presents a singer who knows exactly how to combine Salsafuerte’s music with impressions from her home. An impressive listening experience!