Peregrina Music

Soledad Berrios

Although she feels quite at home in Germany, her roots are undeniably in South America. Soledad Berrios was born in Temuco, Chile. After receiving her teaching degree from the Catholic University in Valparaiso she began studying voice with Clara Oyuela at the University of Chile in Santiago. She completed her vocal studies in the School of Drama and Music in Berlin, Germany as the recipient of a DAAD scholarship.

Solded Berrios - Luz de LunaIn spite of many successful engagements with opera companies in Europe and the United States, Soledad Berrios never lost touch with the music of Latin- America. In her vast repertoire she demonstrates a rich musical spectrum with original and beautifully arranged themes of traditional Latin American Folklore, sensual Boleros and dramatic Tangos. In all she sings there is always a haunting and melancholy timbre which goes deep into the heart of the listener.

The multinational musicians chosen by Soledad Berrios are of high professional quality. They skilfully combine an exciting mix of European and Latin American instruments, accompanying her in tailor-made arrangements of strong intensity and deep sensuality. Soledad Berrios demonstrates a rare dramatic power of expression and vocal command in her dark, velvety voice and draws from a myriad of colors free from clichés and false pathos.

Soledad Berrios chose 18 songs for Luz de Luna. She sings about her country. About a country not only limited to her birthplace Chile,  but the whole of Latin-America. And so we find Songs from Brazil and Mexico as well as Argentinean Tangos and  Peruvian waltzes.