Peregrina Music

Tango Five

Twenty years ago, TANGO FIVE took its first steps as a very open musical ensemble with a taste for improvisation. The passionate curiosity of the group to discover very different musical genres developed into a highly original stylistic crossover. Along the way, they were showered with international grants, jazz awards and Grammy nominations. Alongside the successful tango projects, each of the four musicians has developed his musical personality in his very own particular way.

The different solo paths of the four friends are a constantly bubbling creative source of artistic development for the Tango Five ensemble. They are acutely aware of their artistic roots and, for decades, they have enriched them, drawing their musical inspiration from different cultures. You can discover an extract from this rich collection in europique music. You see Germany, hear Europe and feel the entire world. Without any reservations and with refreshing esprit, the typical Tango Five sound comes to life via the sensitive blend of jazz and tango, gipsy and klezmer.
Tango Five invited three musical guests to work on this project. The Uruguayan bandoneon player Raul Jaurena has collaborated with the ensemble for many years and has already recorded three tango productions with Tango Five. The jazz ’n’ world percussionist Hakim Ludin, born in Kabul, accompanies Bernd Ruf’s compositions inspired by Eastern and Arabic music. Percussionist Torsten Krill has worked with Veit Hübner for years in the jazz ensemble Tales in Tones Trio.

europique music is an exciting, infectious musical dialogue of ethnic sounds and stylistic genres, a wholly personal piece of German world music from Tango Five.